Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lupine and Sunshine!

Amazing what a little sunshine and wildflowers can do to change your life! I have been logging consistent mileage through March, April, and May. I mean super consistent.

Monday = 6 miles.
Tuesday = 8 miles
Wednesday = 6 miles
Thursday = 4 miles
Friday = off
Weekend runs = 8-12

Week after week after week.

The time it took to run each run was within a minute of the week before. Pace was the same. Routes were the same (except weekends, I could mix it up). 

With that said, I was in a rut.  I would think about writing in my blog, but I there was nothing to say.

Then earlier this month, I ran 12 miles on the Deer Creek trail.

The Deer Creek run filled my soul. The trail was in prime condition, the flowers were blooming, and it was crazy green due to all the rain and snow we had in May.  Running became an adventure again not a duty. The miles clicked by. I have run the trail as an out and back the last few summers, but it was the first time in years that I had run it point to point. Challenging hills and views the entire way!


I am revitalized! Last year, I set the goal of running new trails mixed in with my old favorites. I am making the list and excited to start crossing out the different trails that I will run this year!

How do you revitalize your routine?