Sunday, November 17, 2013

Racing in 2013

During a race, I think of things that are "post worthy".  I even start drafting a post in my mind. Then, I never follow through. So here is a recap of races in photos.

Black Canyon Ascent
Colorado May 2013
3rd Woman overall, 1st Master
Jemez Mountain Trail 1/2 Marathon
New Mexico May 2013
5th Woman, 3rd Master
William O'Brien 10 Miler
Minnesota June 2013
4th Woman, 1st Master
Barr Trail
Colorado July 2013
6th Woman, 3rd Master
La Sportiva Tablerock 27k
California July 2013
4th Woman, 1st Master
Jupiter Peak Steeplechase
Utah 2013
4th Woman, 1st Master
La Sportiva Mountain Cup Series
3rd Place overall, 1st Master
I loved my summer of racing! I was blessed to be able to race in 5 different states on amazing trails. Each race wasn't perfect; a few were down right ugly. As a whole, it was an incredible spring and summer of running!
Unfortunately, I was unable to compete in my two fall races due to a funky ankle injury, but 2014 looks promising with a new challenges and races in mind.