Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to the Basics

Sometimes, I need to get back to the basics. Training above 8,000 feet can be taxing on the mind and body. Although, I have benchmarks on different trails around my home. I needed to go to the track to evaluate my fitness--both mental and physical!

Hello old friend!

So, I woke up, drove 25 minutes (1000 feet lower in elevation), and got to work. After I warmed up on a trail near the track, I ran a 400 to shake out the cobwebs. I jogged a 200 then ran 2 x 1600 with a 400 recovery run in between the intervals. After the miles, I added another 400 then 4 x 200. My Brooks Racers ST felt great--light and fast! I was tempted to add another mile, but decided not to since I race on Sunday.
Workout--3 miles of intervals
Warm up run
1x400 (200m active recovery)
2x1600 (400m active recovery)
1x400 (200m active recovery)
4x200 (100m active recovery)
Cool down
I love the track and don't have the chance to train on it as often as I would like. This workout could have been done on the roads, but I needed the consistency of the track. Besides turnover, I really worked the mental component of this workout especially on the 3rd lap of each mile. I was happy with my splits and the overall times for each interval. Now, I have a benchmark for the different distances when I return to the track.
This workout gave me a boost of confidence as I tow the line on Sunday at the Barr Trail Mountain Race.
How do you boost your confidence before a race?