Sunday, March 24, 2013


Where do you find you inspiration--externally or internally?

My motivation and inspiration comes from both places. Lately, I have had to rely on external influences to get me out the door or run longer than usual.
  • blogs
  • articles
  • race reports
  • race websites
  • other runners
All of these things have motivated me to run a bit longer or harder or to get out the door. I am back on track with my training. As I look ahead to my week of family and work commitments, I plan my run. Will it be in the early morning or can I run in the daylight after school?

Looking ahead to my season of races gets me fired up. It also holds me accountable to my training. Despite my competitive intentions, I love my daily run. It balances me. Keeps everything in perspective and brings me joy.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Batter Up!!

If runners had stats like baseball players, my batting average would be horrific due to the “slump” I have been in the past few weeks. 

Runs have been slow.
Low weekly mileage.

After this week, I am working my way up the rankings. I had a great tempo run on Friday and consistent mileage throughout the week even though it was parent/teacher conferences.

Most important, I am zeroing in on my racing season. A few favorites were taken off my list due to conflicts. So I couldn’t commit to what I wanted my season to look like.  I wanted to choose a brand new race and I think I may have found it in California!

I read somewhere that many authors can’t write their story until they know the ending. I decided to start with my ending(s).

August—Pike’s Peak Ascent
I have some unfinished business on that mountain. My last 2 miles were hard last year. So I want another crack at it.

 September—Lead King Loop 25k
Love, love, love it. The scenery & atmosphere of the race. Low key, challenging, and overall incredible!

November—Project Athena Moab Trail ½
Last year, I did the marathon which was challenging coming off of High School CC season.  It was another incredible event for an amazing cause. I am excited to take a right at 10 miles towards the finish instead of left to head out for another 16 miles!

The beginning of my story will consist of a lot of great training races scattered through May, June and July!
I can't wait to sketch out my training. I just finished planning my friend Stevie's training. She will competing in the International Skyrunning series plus many incredible trail races around the world. It was challenging and inspiring to create a plan for a World Champion.
Here's to longer days and melting trails!