Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baker's Dozen!

Every Sunday after church, my family would go to Old Dutch Bakery to pick up a 13 doughnuts. I don't remember the ritual of what child (there were 7 of us) was allowed to go in to help with the selection. I am even amazed that we got a selection; wouldn't it have been easier if they just bought a baker's dozen of glazed or long johns or sprinkles.

Ritual and traditions no matter how large or small are a huge part of my memories of my childhood. Growing up in a large family, I have to imagine it was hard for my parents to make each one of us feel special/loved/noticed on a regular basis. Life was busy with an age range of 13 years between the oldest and youngest as well as having a child with special needs in the middle.

I wish I could ask my mom how she did it. As I reflect back, I think it was the little things such as doughnuts, bedtime rituals, frequent trips to the library, and a constant sense of stability. In a time where kids have and expect so much, I try to keep it simple. It's hard. My husband and I have created new rituals and traditions by tweaking how we grew up. Hopefully our children will think fondly of the simple things we do as a family and when they are adults, they create their rituals.


  1. Any ritual involving doughnuts is okay in my book. Yum.

  2. Rituals are the glue that bind us together. I love that you noted it is the little things that you remember. Good to remember that little things are the things that matter.

  3. I loved the sweet rolls that would occur every once in a while...the camping trips...the times at the beach...the list could go on for a good long time. We were so lucky weren't we? How did they do it? xo