Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Morning Runs.

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Three to four mornings a week, I wake up early to run. It took some time to make my early morning jaunts feel normal, but now I can't imagine not being a morning runner. Don't get me wrong. I look forward to Wednesdays. I rarely run on Wednesday mornings.

Here are the keys to my "success".
1. Training partner. Knowing that my friend will be waiting for me at the corner gets me out of bed on the coldest of mornings. I don't want to let her down.
2. Coffee machine with a timer. Just a wee cup before I run.
3. Clothes pile. I organize my running clothes the night before. When the alarm goes off, I scoop up my gear and head to the bathroom to change.
4. Goal. I pick a race to run every few months that requires me to train; a race keeps me motivated.
5. Sanity. Without running, I would go crazy. It keeps me balanced and helps me deal with stress.
6. Joy. Running makes me happy!
7. Inspiration. Many of my best ideas for teaching come to me when I am running (or in the shower).
8. Energy. On the days I run, I feel better throughout the day.

Some days I return a bit frosty.

Running has been my sport/passion for years. Some people I know pick an early morning class, go for a walk, a DVD, or even a bike ride. Find your thing. Give it a try. Make a realistic plan that fits in your schedule (morning, noon, or night) and stick with it for a month. Create that habit. Cut yourself some slack if it doesn't go the way you want immediately. Patience. You are worth the effort.


  1. Thank you for the details about how you manage to do your thing. I want to be that dedicated person, this gives me a way to start.

  2. Running was my thing until I wrecked my ankle in an elevator accident (that's a story for another slice of life). I finally got back into exercise through Zumba, then p90x, and most recently through Insanity (my slice of life for today).

  3. I can completely relate! I, too, seem to plan my best lessons when I'm out on a run!

  4. This is a great post about getting in the habit! I need someone like you to pull me along in the morning. My hubby is trying. I'm glad you are finding inspiration from running.
    Visiting from SOLSC,

  5. I'm worried about the icy patches. Do you put something on your shoes? I'm also worried about the getting up thing...I would have to shake the leg at 4:45. Maybe in the summer, after school gets out...hopefully ice will be vanquished by then. xo

    1. I don't use spikes when I run. I have some and use them infrequently. I tend to run on the edge of a road where I can get traction where the snow is a bit "crunchy".

  6. I miss my morning runs outside....not possible without waking a sleeping bear (toddler) . Can't wait till the summer to get outside running again after he wakes up. :)

    1. I ran less in the morning when my kids were toddlers! A bit trickier...