Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In 1976, the Samoa was added to the repertoire of Girl Scout Cookies. They joined the "shortbreads" , "peanut butter sandwiches", and the "thin mint".

I love Samoas. I have a sweet tooth. A serious one.

Do you know Samoas can talk? They call my name from the cupboard. Honestly. The voice gets louder and louder until I finally walk over and rescue them from the box. Only to pop one in my mouth. Okay, misery loves company so I usually eat two.

I thought I dodged the Samoa bullet this year. I avoided any Girl Scouts like a plague. They couldn't find me after school. I made my self scarce when they were making their rounds. I turned my head if a table was set up to sell cookies or I avoided any eye contact with any little girl with a vest on.

My greatest friend who lives in Minnesota (far, far away from Colorado) has a Girl Scout in her house. How could sweet Erika inflict any damage to my mission of avoiding Samoas? Well, last week in the mail, we received a Girl Scout bomb...way bigger than a bullet. It was a package filled with 5 boxes of Thin Mints & 5 boxes of Samoas! My boys whopped and hollered over my groans. Ugh, how was I going to live with those cookies in my house.

Well, I don't have to live with them for much longer. Only 2 boxes of Samoas remain.


  1. The part where you described your avoidance strategy was my favorite, especially "...I avoided any eye contact with any little girl with a vest on.". You described this dilemma perfectly and made me laugh with recognition!

  2. I've got them in my backpack....hiding. I bought them for my husband, because he loves Samoas. I haven't told him though, because I've been munching and I agree, that one is just not enough. xo