Thursday, March 13, 2014


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An email was sent. Leave your laptop and iPad at school so we can reset the wireless codes.

I use my laptop nightly. It is my life line to my school materials and email and blog and Facebook and everything.

Could I still take it and play dumb? I contemplated this option, but then I wouldn't have wireless capabilities to teach with.
Maybe I could reset the codes? With my luck, I would crash the system.
I suppose I could be without my laptop.
I guess nothing is pressing at the moment.

I believe I will be okay...


  1. Hope it worked out and you have wireless and a working machine!

  2. Did you stay later and try to get your slice done? It would freak me out also. xo

    1. I did finish my slice before I went home. I had another one planned, but panic took over. It was nice to be unplugged even though I prefer to make that choice not to have it made for me!