Saturday, March 29, 2014


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Every family has something that is a "game changer" for a lack of a better term. Many times it is only the family members that is aware of that distinction..

There are seven children in my family with a 13 year span between the oldest and youngest. My brother Kevin is the middle child--three older and three younger. Kevin is deaf and is mentally handicapped.

Growing up with a brother with special needs affected our family in so many different ways. My mom became a champion for children with special needs during a time where institutions were recommended to parents as the main option for care. For me, I believe that my patience and awareness of differences in the classroom stems from growing up with Kevin.
Kevin has such a special heart and being. When we visit, my children love to go bowling with him or to a Twins game. They even try to communicate through sign language. Hopefully, they will gain a bit of awareness and patience through their relationship with their uncle.


  1. Your love for Kevin shines through your slice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a true gift Kevin has been to you and to your family. Great that your mother did not listen to the "experts" at that time. So glad that Kevin is part of such a loving family and that your children know the love from Kevin and giving to Kevin. Jackie

  3. Kevin sounds like quite a guy! Your love for him does shine through, and I bet your children pick up on it, too.

  4. It's interesting how having a family member with special needs can change our perspective on how we walk through life and treat others. Kevin sounds like a special person. Thanks for sharing a bit about him with us today.

  5. I'm glad that many children now grow up in loving, nurturing homes and schools instead of being "institutionalized," though this is not true in all countries.