Thursday, March 27, 2014

Powder Day!

During the ski season, skiers anxiously check their computers to see how much snow accumulated during the night! The "Pow Cam" puts smiles on peoples faces!

Last night's storm gave us foot of snow...the ski bums are smiling! One last powder day before the ski area closes in 10 days!

Teachers can predict snow, too. We don't need to wait for the pow cam. When a big low pressure system moves in, the students talk more, move more, listen less, and energy is high. We have 18 barometers in our classrooms at all time...who needs Al Roker!

The snow report is a Slice of Life from any ski area! Diehard skiers will be in the lift line to catch the first chair so they are guaranteed fresh tracks. For me, I will be standing in the snow at recess duty as I daydream about it melting and the wild flowers blooming!


  1. I love your comment about having 18 barometers in your classroom and not needing Al Roker! I think all teachers can agree about that. It would be nice to live in an area where skiing is nearby...ah, but not here...and this year...I am ready for the flowers to begin blooming. Thanks for the refreshing post. Jackie

  2. Shari,
    You made me laugh with our story of how our students help us predict weather. I'll never forget being out on the playground with a veteran teacher my first year of teaching. The kids were a little, let's say, busier than usual. She commented that surely a big storm must be brewing as she could tell by their behavior. I laughed to myself at the tales that get passed. However, after teaching 26 years I'm going to say she was absolutely right. I can tell a lot about the weather, and maybe the moon, by spending my day at school.