Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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I love my Kindle.

I received a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago. I was hesitant and reluctant to embrace ebooks. The paper, dog ears, cover art were going to be a thing of the past for me; I wasn't ready.

Slowly, I read one then another then another. Conversion happened. I couldn't stop. The swish of a finger and a new page appears. I love my Kindle.

With my professional books, I don't use my Kindle. I need to write in those, dog ear important pages as well as put sticky notes throughout the book. It is what works for me.

Also, I have a hard time buying ebooks. I have my library card number memorized. The system works great; I put books on hold then I get an email from the library and I can check it out.

Through the Kindle, I have discovered new genres and authors. Some days I went looking for new books and other days they found me.

I love my Kindle.


  1. I am trying to convince my daughter that she would love a kindle. She literally maxes out her library card constantly! :)

  2. I never thought I'd be a fan of ebooks either. Yet, slowly it happened and I now prefer them. I tend to get a lot of free books from Amazon. I guess I really should check out how to do it at my library, I'm sure I'd have a better selection that way!

  3. I love my Ipad too. I haven't ordered from the library yet, but I love the back light and I can borrow books from my husband's I pad too! I love this new tech world. xo